When anyone decides to take on the challenge of training for a marathon, they aren’t just making a decision for themselves but for their family as well. Taking a significant amount of time that you would usually reserve for other things, and putting it all towards one goal affects not only you but everyone around you.

In my case, my marathon training most significantly impacted my boyfriend Chad. As a full-time student who also works a part-time job, he has a lot on his plate. But over the last few months he has certainly stepped up by taking over jobs around the house that I would normally do, or even just being (extra) patient with me when I am tired and grumpy.

Chad is pretty awesome about doing all of those things on a regular basis, but coming home to a meal you didn’t make is even better after an hour-long run!

With only three days to go until the race (and Thanksgiving), I feel like it’s a good time to say THANK YOU, not only to Chad, but to all the other spouses of marathoners who make it possible for us to reach our goals.

One day when he has more time on his hands, I will ask Chad to write about what that’s like from his perspective but for now here are the top six ways my spouse has been impacted by my training from my perspective:

  1. Being forced to eat healthier – This isn’t really a bad thing I suppose, especially since we usually choose to make quite healthy meals at home anyway, but over the last few months I’ve given up most of the treats we enjoy. (Like insanely greasy pizza at 11:30 at night. I’m not bitter – Chad) Being more conservative about what I eat just naturally has extended to him. However, I don’t think he has minded having a permanent DD.
  2. Having to pick up my slack – When it comes to cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning and taking care of our leopard gecko, Chad has certainly picking up the chores more often than not when I’ve been too busy or too tired.
  3. Having to hear my alarm go off at a god-awful hour every Saturday morning for the last eight months. I think this one is self explanatory.
  4. Hanger – I can get pretty hangry (so hungry that you’re angry) on the best of days but on the day that I ran close to four hours and didn’t eat right way I wasn’t a very nice person.
  5. Putting up with mess – Between the pop-up gym in our living room and the stinky workout clothes that end up scattered all over our bedroom, he has put up with my junk being all over the house. (Stinky is an understatement. Also, what’s with the socks everywhere? – Chad)
  6. Being dragged to Victoria – Chad is making the trip to the coast to watch me run for five hours this weekend and while he’s certainly not coming kicking and screaming, the trip does come with a certain financial commitment that isn’t just a drop in the bucket when you’re a student.

So for all of these things, and probably a lot more that I have missed, thank you Chad, you’ve done more than you know to help me get to my race this weekend.

Also, thanks to everyone else who has has supported me along the way, my parents, brothers, friends, coworkers and teammates who have all listened to me talk about marathon training constantly for the last eight months! A huge thanks to everyone who has followed along on this blog, I really appreciate your interest in my journey and taking the time to come here and read about it. It’s flattering and exciting and embarrassing all at the same time.

P.S. As he is a former journalist and copyeditor, Chad has also proofread and edited nearly every single blog that I have posted here. For which I am eternally grateful. 

Chad and I after hiking to the top of the Fort in Kotor, Montenegro, last year.
Chad and I after hiking to the top of the Fort in Kotor, Montenegro, last year.