I’m back baby

After a rather long (and unintentional) blogging break, I am finally back. After finishing my marathon in October I was tired but so incredibly proud of what I accomplished. I not only finished the race but also completed my 30-day blog challenge and I don’t regret a thing about either. Even though the UofC Marathon Program doesn’t run through the winter, I am pleased to share that I still did! Here’s a short.. Read More

Day 2 – Going the distance

679 Kilometres That’s approximately how far I have run since I began training in February. And taking into consideration there were days I didn’t bring my phone with me or forgot to start my watch until halfway through my run, 679km is the minimum. That’s like running from my house in Calgary to Penticton B.C. via the Trans-Canada Highway, or to Spokane, WA or to Meadow Lake, SK. I love tracking my running.. Read More

Day 6 – What I think while I run

When I run I have a lot of thoughts. Most are inane, some are funny and the rest are just simply to get me around the next corner. Here are a few of them: “I’ve only run how far?” “I hate this (insert irritable item of clothing here) why do I keep wearing it?” “I should have gone pee before I left.” “I am wearing way too many layers.” “I am not wearing.. Read More

Day 9 – How to become a better runner, without running

Did you know only 10% of Canadian kids get enough exercise? Ten per cent! That number makes my heart hurt. When I was a kid I was extremely lucky to be exposed to all kinds of sports at a young age. My mom was a skating teacher and recreation coordinator at a large rec facility in Calgary. My dad was a college hockey player and a talented ball player. Growing up we were.. Read More

Day 11 – The fitness test, revisited

When I began training for a marathon in March I did a fitness test to find out what my fitness level was like at the beginning of this whole journey. I blogged the results of that first test in my post You have to start somewhere. My goal was to establish a baseline I could compare myself to as I progressed through the program, and now is the time to do that comparison. Once again Ashley.. Read More