The full 42.2 – Part 3: Fear the stairs

The first feeling I got after crossing the finish line was relief. I made it. I was done. But then, when the volunteer put my medal around my neck the sobs started. I didn’t think I would cry but there were way too many emotions bubbling up not to. I found Chad and Catherine just before I grabbed my food. Chad asked if I was OK and I certainly was. I couldn’t tell.. Read More

The full 42.2 – Part 2: Finish Strong

Sunday, Oct. 11 – Race Day  I rose Sunday morning feeling calm, ready and excited for the race. I shook off my nerves the night before and thanks to the 8:45 a.m. start time, I got a good night of sleep, which is unusual for me the night before a race. At 6:30 I ate my breakfast of toast with almond butter and jam and a banana and got dressed, packing my pockets.. Read More

The full 42.2 – Part 1: The calm before the storm

I know the burning question you have probably been dying to have answered is, did I run 42.2 kilometres or just 40.2? I can thankfully report that the first lesson I learned while training for a marathon stuck and although tempted to wave for a bus at 40K, I did indeed grind it out right until the bitter end of the 42.2km race. Actually, according to my GPS watch I ran 42.64km and.. Read More

Day 1 – No going back now

Since I can no longer count down the days, but only the hours, until my race, there isn’t much left to say. I’ve finished all the training, eaten all the pasta and picked up my race bib. I can only try to get a good night’s sleep and hope that all the work I’ve put in comes together tomorrow. It is now our second day on the island and we’ve been trying to.. Read More

Day 4 – Race prep is well underway

I finished my last day of work before the race and am now going to be off work for a whole week! Now the only thing I have to stress about is the 42.2km I have to run on Sunday lol! After picking up the last few little items I needed for my trip and completing my last real run before the race, I treated myself to a manicure, done by my friend.. Read More