Day 20 – Running gear I couldn’t live without

When I began running in February I owned one pair of running pants, one t-shirt and a few tank tops that I cycled through continuously. Eventually, as I mentioned in my post Goodbye life, hello marathon prep, I got tired of having to wash a load of workout clothes every two days. So I started to slowly add to my workout wardrobe while at the same time trying to be conscientious of my budget. Initially I.. Read More

Day 27 – Training-life balance

When setting goals and taking on new challenges in life, we all start out with the best intentions. But after you begin the training, or studying or planning required to reach your goal, it always seems that the process of getting there takes longer than we thought it would. While I believe any goal worth having is one that requires a lot of time and effort, time can often be the biggest obstacle to.. Read More

Picking the perfect pair of running shoes

I’ve always been a shoe girl. While I buy most of my clothes from thrift shops and never turn down a quality hand-me-down, if there is any part of my wardrobe I am willing to spend money on (when I have it), it’s shoes. There is no outfit a pair of red patent leather heels or nude wedges can’t fix, but as most women who love shoes know, using them as an accessory.. Read More