What’s coming up?

For this marathon training season I am really excited to announce a few awesome new things for 42.2! I started this site to document what it’s like to run your very first marathon. As everyone who has run a marathon knows, it’s a really special experience and I was so excited to take on the challenge of sharing that experience with others. But now that I’ve finished my first 42.2, it will be.. Read More

Mission accomplished

I was told that it’s ok to cry when you cross the finish line after your first marathon. I wasn’t sure whether I would or I wouldn’t but when a volunteer was putting my medal around my neck it was hard not to. I am not sure if it had more to do with the extreme pain I was in, with the gratitude of being done my race or with the pride and.. Read More

Day 12 – Running for a cause

Today I participated in Terry’s Cause on Campus, a nation-wide event held at post-secondary institutions across the country. Terry Fox was a first-year kinesiology student at Simon Fraser University when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. It was during his final year at SFU that he ran the Marathon of Hope, so it is only fitting that university students and staff take some time to honour his legacy and continue to raise money.. Read More