The full 42.2 – Part 1: The calm before the storm

I know the burning question you have probably been dying to have answered is, did I run 42.2 kilometres or just 40.2? I can thankfully report that the first lesson I learned while training for a marathon stuck and although tempted to wave for a bus at 40K, I did indeed grind it out right until the bitter end of the 42.2km race. Actually, according to my GPS watch I ran 42.64km and.. Read More

The post-marathon blues

I’ve spent the last week attempting to process having finished my marathon but there are still times when I think to myself, ‘Did that really just happen?’. After working so hard for so long, it’s incredibly weird that it’s over and even stranger to think about the fact that I’m no longer training for my first marathon, but that I’m actually a marathoner. Looking back on my time in Victoria — the race.. Read More

Day 1 – No going back now

Since I can no longer count down the days, but only the hours, until my race, there isn’t much left to say. I’ve finished all the training, eaten all the pasta and picked up my race bib. I can only try to get a good night’s sleep and hope that all the work I’ve put in comes together tomorrow. It is now our second day on the island and we’ve been trying to.. Read More

Day 2 – Going the distance

679 Kilometres That’s approximately how far I have run since I began training in February. And taking into consideration there were days I didn’t bring my phone with me or forgot to start my watch until halfway through my run, 679km is the minimum. That’s like running from my house in Calgary to Penticton B.C. via the Trans-Canada Highway, or to Spokane, WA or to Meadow Lake, SK. I love tracking my running.. Read More

Day 3 – Well, it is Thanksgiving …

When anyone decides to take on the challenge of training for a marathon, they aren’t just making a decision for themselves but for their family as well. Taking a significant amount of time that you would usually reserve for other things, and putting it all towards one goal affects not only you but everyone around you. In my case, my marathon training most significantly impacted my boyfriend Chad. As a full-time student who also.. Read More