You’re a mule, not a racehorse

By Rachel Crooks My first month of marathon training is complete! My foam roller has become my best friend and I have definitely been frequenting running stores more than is entirely necessary. It’s been great and I’ve already learned a lot. My biggest learning so far is the importance of building a low intensity training base. Prior to starting the marathon program, my philosophy for every run was to go as fast as.. Read More

What’s coming up?

For this marathon training season I am really excited to announce a few awesome new things for 42.2! I started this site to document what it’s like to run your very first marathon. As everyone who has run a marathon knows, it’s a really special experience and I was so excited to take on the challenge of sharing that experience with others. But now that I’ve finished my first 42.2, it will be.. Read More

I ran a marathon, I can do anything!

The experience of training for – and running – my first marathon has given me a lot of things. It made me stronger, helped me make new friends and allowed me to check a big item off my bucket list. But a sort of unexpected thing it gave me was a new motto (if you can call it that). Over the last few months anytime I’ve faced any sort of adversity, I’ve simply.. Read More

The full 42.2 – Part 3: Fear the stairs

The first feeling I got after crossing the finish line was relief. I made it. I was done. But then, when the volunteer put my medal around my neck the sobs started. I didn’t think I would cry but there were way too many emotions bubbling up not to. I found Chad and Catherine just before I grabbed my food. Chad asked if I was OK and I certainly was. I couldn’t tell.. Read More

The full 42.2 – Part 2: Finish Strong

Sunday, Oct. 11 – Race Day  I rose Sunday morning feeling calm, ready and excited for the race. I shook off my nerves the night before and thanks to the 8:45 a.m. start time, I got a good night of sleep, which is unusual for me the night before a race. At 6:30 I ate my breakfast of toast with almond butter and jam and a banana and got dressed, packing my pockets.. Read More