Hey guys,

So today was just one of those days… you know, THOSE days. Where you wake up late, get stuck at the office and in traffic, both ways.

One of those days where you come home and try to make dinner and the open the chicken your boyfriend JUST bought and it’s bad. So you go to the store and return it and buy chicken that isn’t going to make you sick. Ya, one of those days.

The dishes are piled up in the kitchen, I didn’t drink enough water and now I have a headache and just need to go to bed. So I am.

The blog I had planned for tonight isn’t going to come together and that’s ok. Because sometimes life happens.

What I did do today, however, was my run. In between getting stuck in traffic on the way home from work and opening up a pack of putrid grey/green chicken breast I finished a 55-minute tempo run. Ten minutes easy, 35 minutes at 85-90% of my max heart rate, and another 10 minutes easy.

I tried a new path near my house and found out that the entire first half of my out-and-back was uphill.  Oh joy!

One of those days…

While reflecting on the chaos of my life today I realized how grateful I am for those 9km I was able to put in. Because despite the intensity, the hills and the pain, the run was not part of a bad day, it was the exception to it.

Here’s to more long days, but more good runs!

With the hope of inspiring a little zen, I will leave you with this photo I took on a run just outside of Camrose when I was there for the Big Valley Jamboree. Camrose

P.S. Yes, against all odds, I ran while I was at a music festival. Party on.