It’s Sunday, and for my team that means it’s a rest day! Yayyy! So today I just wanted to share something a little lighter with you.

There are a lot of writers and artists out there who I admire for their ability to perfectly convey emotions through humour. So far that is what I have attempted to do through this blog but I know I have a long way to go to reach the wit I aspire to. One of those such artists I look up to is Matthew Inman.

He is the creative genius behind the website The Oatmeal. For anyone who is unfamiliar with The Oatmeal, it is basically the newspaper comics section but on the Internet, and better. Inman crafts comics that are both hilarious and poignant social commentaries on current events or everyday life as we know it.

My favourite of all of his comics is The terrible and and wonderful reasons why I run long distances.

This comic is a must read for any runner, so today I leave you with an introduction to The Blerch:

– The terrible and and wonderful reasons why I run long distances