It was bound to happen sooner or later but I am currently working through my first big setback in my training journey. The challenge came in the form of what I thought was a nasty cold that took me off my feet for almost all of last week.

Turns out it was an infection in my chest, which would explain why it just wouldn’t go away!

After our group run on Monday, May 27, I didn’t get back outside until Saturday morning. I thought I was well enough to join the team for a short run at Nose Hill Park but some extremely windy conditions made for a miserable run (for me) and sent me right back to bed as soon as I got home.

Running straight into a cool wind with a persistent head cold made the last few kilometres of that run the most challenging ones I have completed so far.

After spending almost four days sleeping and going almost a week without working out, it’s hard not to feel behind, but I know your body will always tell you what it wants.

With a little luck, (and more sleep) hopefully I will be able to start easing my way back into the training schedule this week. Plus, the antibiotics I got from the doctor will probably help too 😉

What’s funny is that although it can be hard to get yourself out for a run some days, it is almost harder to force yourself to stay in bed when you want to be out for a run!

How do you cope with illness or training setbacks? Leave any tips you might have in the comments below!