Two races, two weeks

Kaitlyn is one of two new guest bloggers who will be writing for 42.2 for the 2016 marathon training season. She will be writing monthly blogs, updating us on the ups and downs of her journey from 0 to 42.2. By Kaitlyn Fulton  The past month has been filled with both nerves and excitement. I had the opportunity to participate in my first two races of the season. The first race was the Calgary.. Read More

Day 22 – Mom’s power cookies

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Daily nutrition for marathon training, keeping myself and my brothers fed when we were growing up was no easy task. One thing my Mom always used to make for us was Power Cookies. As a hearty cookie with a lot staying power, they made a great second breakfast after a morning swim practice and were good for eating in between swims at at a meet. I haven’t had.. Read More