Overcoming sickness, surgery and setbacks

Kaitlyn is a guest blogger who is writing for 42.2 for the 2016 marathon training season. She will be writing monthly blogs, updating us on the ups and downs of her journey from 0 to 42.2. By Kaitlyn Fulton  At the beginning of the season, Coach Colleen chatted with our group about training for a marathon and emphasized it wouldn’t be an easy endeavour. At that time, I was of the mindset that anyone who worked.. Read More

I ran a marathon, I can do anything!

The experience of training for – and running – my first marathon has given me a lot of things. It made me stronger, helped me make new friends and allowed me to check a big item off my bucket list. But a sort of unexpected thing it gave me was a new motto (if you can call it that). Over the last few months anytime I’ve faced any sort of adversity, I’ve simply.. Read More

Day 16 – Finding your sweat rate

As I mentioned in my post A recovery lesson learned the hard way, recovering properly after a run is hugely important. Especially if you don’t want to turn into a delusional rage-monster at risk of passing out at any moment. Not that I speak from experience, or anything … It’s not only important to refuel but also rehydrate. Before I started the UofC Marathon Training Program, rehydrating properly involved a lot of guesswork… Read More

Day 17 – A recovery lesson learned the hard way

A few weeks ago, following a 3 hour and 40 minute training run, I learned the hard way how important it is to refuel properly after a long run. Our run started at Eau Clair Market downtown and looped in a figure eight both ways along the river. It was warm, the sun was shining and that run was probably the hardest I have physically pushed myself in years. As always during these runs,.. Read More